IMS Packets Core
Distributed Computing, Data-Execution System
IMS Packets API Core

A set of tools useful in development of distributed computing systems.

API Nodes

The Packets API Core enables development of application specific API Nodes. API Nodes are interconnected by a communication interface, using a common API language, and executing common API endpoints.


Examples of systems made possible by the IMS Packets API Core:

  1. Distributed Control Systems
  2. Multi-Processor Printed Circuit Boards
  3. Multi-Circuit Board Integrated Electronic Equipment
  4. IOT Frameworks (Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Systems)
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  6. Enterprise Product Computing Ecosystems


Scale of Form Factors and Infrastructures:

  1. From custom curcuit boards to industrial automation controllers
  2. Custom circuit boards containing multiple interconnected processors
  3. Many individual cicuit boards interconnected by communication link
  4. Infrastructures for Database, Security, Authorization, Access, and Interconnectivity
  5. Similar with #4
  6. From #1 through #6

An Abstract Base

  • IMS_PacketsAPI_Core.h forms an abstract base on which to build shared data and execution objects within distributed computing systems.